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Toyota Center(Check out
Prices for New Cars Here First)
Boyle Toyota(Sumter)
Toyota Orangeburg
Taylor Toyota North Augusta Honda Cars
of Columbia
Honda of Columbia
Jim Hudson Lexus Dyer Mercedes
James Ervin Carolina ToyotaSparks Toyota (Mytle Beach,SC)GeraldJonesSubaru(Augusta,GA)
Jim Barkley Toyota (Asheville,NC) Wray Mazda(Columbia,SC)
Lexus of Greenville
Lexus of Charleston Bob Bennet Ford
Galeana Chrysler McDaniels Acura(My Favorite) Pulliam Ford
Love ChevroletPulliam Wray Automotive Dick Smith
Silvers Lincoln Mercury Jim Moore CadillacSaturn
Jim Hudson Auto GroupBen Satcher Moters(Ford Trucks) Sumter Chrysler Dodge
DodgelandofColumbia Philips AutoHancock Motors

Walter's (New Car - Used Car) Buying Guide    

Kelly's Blue Book The car bible
(Edumonds)(Car prices maybe low but it is an old one)
(Micosoft's Store)
(Check out crash test)
Cars Direct***** Get a low price on a new car here
(More safety) Consumer Reports * Test results
ratings and more
(Car Buying Tips) Autoadvanage Autoweb
Car Talk Autobyte (This tells how much
a car really cost you.ex.
(GEt your car from any dealer on the net!! here Car stuff. Autoloco Collect Car Trader Car Lynx
CarFax.comLemon Aid Cars
NHTSA Government Car Recalls
(Find all problems with the car you are buying here)
South Carolina DMVCar
Car ReviewsCar SurveyConsumer Reports Reviews
WomenMotorist (Car Reviews) Auto
J.D. PowerCar Car Prices)
Fightingchance.comAutoQuest -
PA and NJ Lemon Law
Stoneage.comAutopedia.comThe Best Books on How to Buy a Car
Manheimgold(Old Car Prices)AutoCheck(Like Carfax) Black Book Car Prices
Get the Lowest Interest Rate Here(Don't Pay the Dealer 2% Mark UP
Another Auto Loan Place
Car Loan Help
Auto Insurance Rate QuoteCar
All Auto Newsgroups
Warranty Gold,  If you must get a warranty check prices here first.
Classifieds 2000 (This is autos and everything else also)
SUV Drivers Read This

South Carolina Auto Auctions
Rawls Auto Auction Inc Greenville, Spartanburg Auto Auction Carolina Auto Auction  

Are you paying to much for your Car?This give you a cost per mile. On low mileage cars it may be off.

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Loan Calculator
Most Stolen Cars in the US for 2001
Car Lemon list 2002
Getting a new Car?
You may need to get rid of the old first
Well, You can Sell your car here in place of trading it in. If you live close to Columbia, SC.
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