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    Dreher High School Today

    Dreher class of 1968 to hold reunion
    The Dreher High School class of 1968 will hold its 50th reunion April 6, 2018, from 7-11 pm
    at 300 Senate Street in Columbia. If you have not heard from the reunion committee, please send your email address to:
    Beth Grimes Williams at bethgwilliams@bellsouth.net

    Dreher High School - Class of 1971 Dreher High School - Class of 1969 Dreher High School - Class of 1970 Dreher High School - Class of 1968
    Dreher High School - Class of 1961 Dreher High School - Class of 1963Dreher High School - Class of 1960 Dreher High School - Class of 1962
    Dreher High School Alumni Dreher High School - Class of 1956 Dreher High School - Class of 1965
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